International Research Services Team

About Kevin Watson
Kevin Watson has been in the market research industry for over 26 years and has an extensive track record of cultivating strategic partnerships, sales leadership, and client engagement experience.

IRS – Kevin Watson – Chair of the Board (CBO)

About Rene Tekaat
Through 30+ years of experience in the industry, Rene has held leadership positions both as a buyer of research and as a provider, allowing him a deep understanding of what clients are looking for in a partner, and what it takes to execute successful research projects.

IRS – Rene Tekaat – Chief Information Officer (CIO)

About Madden Hale
Madden Hale has full stewardship over all financial aspects of IRS including accounting, internal controls, financial reporting, budgeting, payroll administration, and cost controls. She ensures the overall financial stability of the company.

IRS – Madden Hale – Accounting & Contracting (CFO)

About Laura Manzini
Laura Manzini got her start in Market Research at Synovate, where she played a key role in developing process to service high revenue clients. Laura graduated with a double BA in Communication Studies and Political Science.

IRS – Laura Manzini – Research Director Europe

About Paloma Garcia King
Prior to joining IRS, Paloma Garcia King was a member of the executive team at Harris Interactive, where she played an instrumental role in developing the company’s first full-service project management practices.

IRS – Paloma Garcia King – Research Director USA & South America

About Charlize Kyung Lee
Charlize Kyung Lee has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. She specializes in res-tech product innovation, automation / DIY platforms, supply creation, operations, sample development, and management.

IRS – Charlize Kyung Lee – Research Director Asia

About Frederick Katz
Frederick Katz’s specialties include executive programming, sampling and survey design, panel development and management, CATI, online and mobile scripting as well as full service mixed-mode IT field management.

IRS – Frederick Katz – Hosting & Programming (IT Manager)

About Steve Kirschbaum
Steve Kirschbaum's specialities include web / mobile development, relational and non-relational database design, Business Intelligence, reporting, server architecture, release deployment, and best engineering practices.

IRS – Steve Kirschbaum – Global Data Processing – Tabulations & Reports

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