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International Research Services Memberships / Guidelines / Certifications

International Research Services adheres to the following guidelines:

CASRO is the national association established in 1975 to represent the U.S. research industry and those organizations engaged in the conduct, support, or education of market, opinion, and social research, often described as data analytics, consumer insights, or business intelligence. CASRO’s 325+ member companies and their 32,000 employees, all of whom are afforded membership benefits, represent nearly $8 billion in global annual revenue–about 85% of the US research industry and 30% of the global research industry. All CASRO members must adhere to the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics, the enforceable standard for research businesses for more than 30 years (https://www.casro.org/).

EphMRA’s overall aim: To create an environment that encourages excellence in providing insights combined with business knowledge.

1. EphMRA is the hub for excellence in research thinking to empower healthcare market researchers to provide consultancy to the business.

2. Driving the development of best practice in healthcare market research.

3. Delivering training and opportunities for best practice exchange for healthcare market researchers to develop their understanding of business problems and strategic issues that allows them to provide clear, actionable insights.

Excellence means that EphMRA is setting the gold-standard in healthcare market research, and the Association will continue to build excellence by providing training that relates to the strategic components of market research. Furthermore, EphMRA will provide guidance to its members to attain the Association’s most current standards of excellence and ethical guidelines (http://www.ephmra.org/).

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the essential community for marketers.

In 1953, Neil Borden transformed the business world when he articulated the strategy of “Marketing Mix” in his AMA presidential address. Borden was just one of many AMA leaders who were not satisfied with existing best practices. These thought leaders sought answers for the future that would propel business growth and elevate the role of marketing.

Today, the AMA leads an unparalleled discussion on marketing excellence. Continuing in the tradition of Borden and so many others, the AMA offers differentiated content that focuses on the tension between Best Versus Next Practices™.

With content coming from unrivaled scholarly journals, like the Journal of Marketing, and award-winning publications, like Marketing News, the AMA offers a robust perspective that understands marketer are expected to provide both solutions for today and solutions for tomorrow. No other organization provides more ways for marketers and academics to connect with the people and resources they need to be successful (https://www.ama.org/).

Skip is a global community of business experts across industry, academia, and government who come together to build and share strategic intelligence, research decision-support tools, processes and analytics capabilities. The resulting collaboration of our membership supports strategy and other organizational disciplines to drive competitive advantage (http://www.scip.org/).

WAPOR is an international professional association whose members recognize the centrality of public opinion in shaping and serving society. We emphasize not only the importance of conducting scientifically sound public-opinion research, but also how this information can be useful to society and its various public (http://wapor.org/).

We are ISO 20252 and ISO 9001 certified.

What is ISO 20252? – Market, Opinion and Social Research – Vocabulary and service requirements is an approved international standard of the ISO (International Standardization Organization). The standard establishes globally recognized terms and definitions as well as the service requirements for organizations and professionals conducting Market, Opinion and Social Research.

As stated in the introduction of this standard, ‘An international quality standard ensures that the process elements of such research are undertaken to an appropriate standard and in a verifiable and consistent manner. This will enable data, arising from research studies carried out to this standard, being used to guide the provision of goods and services to citizens and institutions in a consistent and transparent fashion.’

What is ISO 9001? – ISO 9001 Certification gives us the quality systems that provide the foundation to better customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement. ISO 9001 is the first step of a process of continual improvement that provides us with the necessary management tools to improve working practices throughout the entire organization. Consistently applied quality control requirements lead to greater efficiency and happy clients.

We are your ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Global Market Research Services.