We are your 'One-Stop Shop' for Global Secondary Research Services.

Global Secondary Research Services

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With secondary research, someone else has gathered data and complied it into non-customized reports. Most of us are familiar with secondary research from doing library research with books and periodicals. While extremely valuable for general market trends, it does not provide you with information about how your specific customers view your specific goods or services.

Market research is the best tool. It gives you hard data that you can use to drive your marketing strategy, making both marketing and selling easier and more effective.

Online Data

While this method simplifies the data gathering process,  In some way, the internet is a virtual aggregation for all other sources of secondary research data.

Data from Government and Non-government Archives

We gather useful research materials from government and non-government archives, and these archives usually contain verifiable information that provides useful insights on varying research contexts. In many cases, we would need to pay a sum to gain access to these data.

Data from Libraries

Research materials can also be accessed through public and private libraries. Think of a library as an information storehouse that contains an aggregation of important information that can serve as valid data in different research contexts.

Data from Institutions of Learning

Educational facilities like schools, faculties, and colleges are also a great source of secondary data; especially in academic research. This is because a lot of research is carried out in educational institutions more than in other sectors.

Secondary research methods can also be categorized into qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Quantitative data gathering methods include online questionnaires and surveys, reports about trends plus statistics about different areas of a business or industry.

Qualitative research methods include relying on previous interviews and data gathered through focus groups, which helps an organization to understand the needs of its customers and plan to fulfill these needs. It also helps businesses to measure the level of employee satisfaction with organizational policies.

We are your ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Global Secondary Research Services.