We are your 'One-Stop Shop' for Global Market Research Services.

We are your ‘One-Stop Shop’ for all your Market Research needs!

Our business model offers our customers the convenience of having multiple needs met in one location (IRS), instead of having to “drive all over the globe” to attain related services at different research agencies.

All our services are centralized (a single point-of-contact for all international projects) – carried out by our efficient Expert Teams consisting of professional Project Managers, experienced Programmers, skillful Recruiters, sharp Interviewers, creative Moderators and many more well-qualified Assistants.

We manage and control all your Market Research & Market Intelligence Projects.

Our global coverage is key.

Global projects involve all of our offices, not just the one reporting to you.

We have offices in different time zones and often use them all on a project, essentially being globally “live” everywhere.

That means, behind the scenes, we are working in real time globally and the delays from time zone differences are less a factor.

Fall in Love with Our Core Values

People First
Our customers come first before anything else. Regarding employment, our team/employees are regarded as part of our family, and we do what we can to look after them.

We make sure we fully understand our clients requirements. We make the time available for us to ensure that we meet these needs.

We take full responsibility for the quality of work we carry out for our clients.

We are dedicated to our work, and in ensuring that our clients/customers can rely on us and receive the services they need.

We have an obligation to our customers and to supporting communities worldwide in their attempts to better themselves.

We utilize our time to ensure that we rise above the average to meet your needs. We use our time to put ourselves in control of our destiny – and you in control of yours.

Results are what matter, not how hard we work to achieve these results. We work hard and smart to get us and you the outcome you desire.

We are your ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Global Market Research Services.